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We’ve started a new chapter. My goal is to reinvent Montana government so it serves taxpayers—not politicians.

Believing is seeing,
we believe in Montana!

We believe the people share a special bond with the beautiful land of our state. Our seasons and weather give us unique perspective, our work ethic gives us advantage, our heritage gives us direction, and our children and grandchildren give us hope. We believe economically Montana should rank near the top compared to our 49 peer states, not the current bottom. We believe we can do better, and it’s our calling to expand the Montana economy and create capital, opportunity, and jobs.

Fiscal Hawk

In Congress, Corey Stapleton will use his experience as a fiscal hawk to enact efficiencies like reducing the expensive and redundant ‘silos’ that exist throughout the federal budget. He’s accomplished this in his own executive agency as Secretary of State and it’s time to do the same thing in Washington. He believes our federal budget is on an unsustainable course that will force our children and grandchildren to endure huge tax increases, deep spending cuts and crushing debt—or a combination of all three.s, deep spending cuts or crushing debt—or a combination of all three.

Corey Stapleton for Congress

Campaign Issues

Stapleton believes that Montana has competitive advantages in several areas related to Agricultural and Energy development, manufacturing, and exportation. As a businessman, he also sees growth and development opportunities in several other sectors of the economy such as technology, engineering, higher education and healthcare. Cultivation of these markets will be a priority while representing Montana in Congress.

We should return our economic expansion focus to the younger generations. For the first time in American history, we are at risk in leaving the next generations worse off than we’ve known. This is unforgivable. We must do better at bolstering a larger middle class that enjoys upward mobility and meaningful careers. The American Dream of getting an education, marrying, and buying a home is not dead—but it has become more difficult to attain for young adults. As a country, we need to work towards policies that elevate the importance of this ‘dream’.

Stapleton believes that our borders are not secure and that more than 11 million immigrants are in the United States illegally. Stapleton will never raise taxes, but he is willing to modernize a Montana tax system that is overly reliant on personal income and property taxes while politicians continue to spend and spend.
Corey knows that we can head off fiscal disaster in America if we exercise restraint on spending. Continuing to add trillions of dollars of debt is an American tragedy.

We live in a free society that embraces free markets, entrepreneurialism, and hard work.  There is an emerging appeal of socialism in our country.  It represents a bigger question, whether socialism or capitalism will create a better future for America.  We need leaders like Stapleton, who can articulate the importance of capitalism, hard work and personal responsibility.

Stapleton has proven to be a man of integrity, ideas and leadership. He has served our country and can solve the biggest problems while putting people above politics. He is a businessman, a family man, and a former naval officer. By supporting Corey Stapleton to become Montana’s next Congressman, we gain a national leader and a brighter future.

Corey Stapleton for Congress

Corey Stapleton

Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton is a Great Falls native, fourth-generation Montanan, and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.  He served 11 years in the navy as a surface warfare officer, deploying overseas aboard the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy and cruiser USS Hue City.

Stapleton was a distinguished member of the Heritage Foundation’s Legislative Leaders council while he served in the Montana state senate from 2001-2009.  While a Republican senator, he championed important energy, natural resource, agriculture and business legislation.  He has a lifetime ‘A’ rating from the NRA, is pro-Life, and a 96% lifetime rating from the Chamber of Commerce.  He is a smart, conservative problem-solver.  Stapleton is Montana’s only military veteran currently elected to statewide office.  His father served in the Army, he served in the Navy, and his oldest son serves in the Marine Corps.

Stapleton holds a bachelor of science degree in general engineering from the Naval Academy, a master of arts degree in political science from Temple University, and a master of science degree in financial services from The American College in Pennsylvania.  He is a financial advisor.  He and his wife, Terry, have four children.