Politician Turned Country Artist Corey Stapleton Releases Second Single

Politician Turned Country Artist Corey Stapleton Releases Second Single

Former Montana State Senator and Secretary of State, Corey Stapleton releases his second single, “The Pen”, to country audiences. Echoing the themes of the holiday season, Stapleton implores a message of hope. The song’s emotional lyrics speak honestly about the challenges of life and are paired with a memorable track featuring Stapleton’s vocal in the forefront, sweeping electric guitars, and powerful background vocals.

The song, written solely by Stapleton, is a heartfelt ballad to remind listeners that relationships aren’t truly over until you give up. He believes, “that as people of faith we are not alone in our choices.” During the height of quarantine, Stapleton found himself reaching into his creative reserve alongside the gorgeous Montana backdrop of his hometown of Billings, resulting in a coming full length album next year.

The shift from politics to music is not a radical one for Stapleton, rather just a new and unique way to communicate to his constituents. The move has been met with praise nationwide for his debut single “Western Son”. Hollywood Digest affirms Stapleton’s new music is “straight from the heart of a poet.”

“The Pen” was recorded in Nashville, TN at OmniSound Studios with James Mitchell on electric guitar, Carl Miner on acoustic guitar, Alison Prestwood on bass, Shawn Fichter on drums, Jimmy Nichols on keyboards and Kristen Rogers on background vocals doing the honors, with the track produced by Stapleton and Josh Emmons. It is available now on all streaming platforms.

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