On The Issues

  • Uphold the American Dream: We need to focus on the younger generation. For the first time in American history, we are at risk in leaving the next generations worse-off than we’ve known. This is unforgivable. We must do better at bolstering a larger middle class that enjoys upward mobility and meaningful careers. Our dream of getting an education, marrying, and buying a home is not dead - but has become more difficult to attain for young adults. As a country, we need to work towards policies that elevate the importance of this “dream”.
  • Secure Our Borders: Our borders are not secure and as a result, more than 11 million immigrants are in the United States illegally. There is no debate - we need to secure our country.
  • Taking better care of our Military and Veterans:  As Montana's only current statewide elected official who served in the military, I know how important it is that we support our troops both when they are on active duty, and when they leave the service as veterans.  Veterans shouldn't have to beg for the healthcare benefits they need.  We can and must do better for those who put their lives on the line for America.
  • Defending The Second Amendment: The right to defend ourselves is God-given. The right to keep and bear arms is a right the federal government is sworn to protect.
Corey Capital Bldg
  • Develop Emerging Skills: As a businessman of several decades, I know that Montana not only has a competitive edge in Agriculture and Energy development, Manufacturing, and Exploration - but in IT, Engineering, Healthcare and Higher education. Cultivating these markets will be my priority in Congress.
  • Oppose Socialism: We live in a free society that embraces free markets, entrepreneurialism, and hard work. Yet, there is an emerging appeal of socialism in our country, which represents a bigger question - whether socialism or capitalism will create a better future for America? I will articulate the importance of capitalism, hard work and personal responsibility.
  • Protect The Unborn: I’m a strong supporter of the right to life. Failure to protect the life of the innocent is unconscionable. We must defend life at every stage.
"Montanan's share a special bond with the beautiful land of our state. Our seasons and weather give us unique perspective, our work ethic gives us advantage, our heritage gives us direction, and our children and grandchildren give us hope. Montana should rank near the top compared to our peer states, not the current bottom. We can do better, and it’s my personal calling to expand the Montana economy and create capital, opportunity, and jobs."